My boy is doomed. Doomed to be a nerd, so let’s just embrace it!

My son, The Boy, is due to be born at the beginning of March. He’s doomed. Doomed to nerdiness.

My own father is a podgy, speccy, unfit bloke with an unhealthy interest in obscure Sci Fi, home brewing, strange quotes and geology. He is a town planner, almost the most nerdy profession there is.

I am a podgy, speccy, unfit bloke with an unhealthy interest in obscure SciFi, home brewing, silly quotes and biology. I probably have one of the nerdiest jobs in the world, I am a hospital physician. I collect stamps. I like Chess, Go and Scrabble. I play the Ukulele (badly). I watch too many films and do too little exercise….. actually … no exercise.

My wife (affectionately known as The Wife) is speccy, rotund (in the gravid sense only dear), has an unhealthy affinity for Terry Pratchett books, making creatures with socks (more to come on this in later posts) and Medieval History. She is a primary school teacher. All primary schools have a nerdy member of staff who can work Excel and knows what the flag of Botswana is, The Wife has joyously and jealously occupied this position for a while at her school. She sometimes beats me at Scrabble, I dislike this intensely. She is a nerd too.

It doesn’t take a developmental psychologist to conclude that The Boy is doomed to be nerdy. The lack of divarication between my father and I is bothersome. I strongly expect this family trend to continue despite my best efforts.

This blog will document my progress in Nerd-Dadhood and how my little guy progresses on his path to greatness/nerdiness. I will probably add in other tedious things like badly written film reviews …. until he is born then I doubt I’ll be watching many films.

Oh …. and today I discovered Honey Badgers. They rule.



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4 responses to “My boy is doomed. Doomed to be a nerd, so let’s just embrace it!

  1. Nerds are cool these days.. so.. he’s not really doomed.

  2. Great blog. I am delighted that you are continuing your Nerd lineage. This also means that there will be one less youth out there for me to be afraid of when I reach middle age!

    Besides, we Nerds shall inherit the earth someday…I hope.

    • Thanks for the comment. The force (of nerdiness) runs strongly in my family.

      I love the way that for the first years of his life in his eyes I will be cool and our strange bookish way will be perfectly normal! I intend to start the indoctrination as soon an possible. Mwahahaha!

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