Nesting (Part 1 – A New Wardrobe)

Nesting has really kicked in. As well as starting to “tidy”  the house The Wife, firmly adhering to gender roles, decided to wash all the clothes we have already accumulated for The Boy. I broke gender roles a bit and helped her hang them out (I then went firmly back into my cave of masculinity to make fire … OK, I had a cuppa).

Small clothes …. oooooh cuuuute!

 We both stood back to look at the row of tiny clothes on the line and exchanged a sightly alarmed smile.

“They are soooo small!” says Wonderbrain.

“Newborn babies are, Hun” says The Wife.

I expect you veteran, battle hardened parents out there  will laugh, I’m sure they are a lot less appealing the nine hundredth time you have washed something unmentionable off them, but we had never seen them all together! It was cuuuuuuute! 

Oooh! Suits you Sir!


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