Even his toys will DOOM him!

The Wife decided she wanted to make something for a very small friend of ours who’s hand-me-downs constitute the bulk of The Boy’s wardrobe. So, out comes the (needlessley gadgety) sewing machine, the mahoosive “scraps of fabric box” (yes, she has one, she’s a primary school teacher remember) and decides to make something cute.

After much deliberation she sets off, tongue slightly protruding in concentration, to create this –

Take.... Me.... To.... Your.... Drooler!

Take…. Me…. To…. Your…. Drooler!

This fellow is off to New Plymouth but I am reliably informed The Boy will also have a cuddly robot soon. I think it’s awesome and reckon I should have one too!

The wife informs me that the inspiration for this pretty cool toy comes from a fellow New Zealand blogger, in fact one of the supernova stars of the NZ blog galaxy (with me being not even an asteroid in said universe in comparison) Paisley Jade, who blogs about craft, cooking, parenting and life with 4 (yes 4) children and is well worth a look.

Oddly we randomly bumped into her when we were on holiday in Whangarei. Wifey was like some starstruck groupie, it was hilarious and much teasing has been had about it since.


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