Fantastic Website

Just a quick post to put up an link to a superb blog by a UK trained midwife currently practicing in Australia.

It has an impressive amount of well written and well referenced resources. It’s well worth a look – especially for those of us not in the USA (who’s practice is quite different). An invaluable resource for expectant parents. Lots of science for us nerds too!



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4 responses to “Fantastic Website

  1. We had a doula and a midwife… and I still ended up having to have a C. At the end of it all, my doula looked at me and said: “I know this isn’t what you wanted. But the point is to have a Healthy Baby/Healthy Mommy. Wrap your head around what’s happening, and realize that it’s ok.”

    Doulas and midwives!!! I WISH THERE WERE MORE!!!

    • I agree! The whole pressure to have a “Non-medical, natural” birth women put on themselves and the sense of failure some feel if they need intervention can be so very counterproductive. I think giving themselves permission to deviate from “THE PLAN” is extremely important. Our “Birth Plan” so far is first and formost helathy Mum & Baby, everything else is a distant second.

      • I ABSOLUTELY felt like a failure, and it took me a long time to get over it. But the reality is that it wasn’t happening for me. Maybe it will next time, but I’m completely in love with my (healthy!) son…. and I got MORPHINE!

        Yes, recovery was hard. But when he graduates from college, it won’t matter what exit he used.

        I’m glad you both have your heads in the right place. How far along is she?? MAZAL TOV!!!

  2. She’s at 34 weeks. Very exciting!

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