Shall I call him Jedi, Yoda, Spock, Dalek or something weird?

I have a very common popular surname (as does almost everybody from Wales), and an equally common popular first name. As such every time I register for anything I am one of a multitude and end up with daft user names I can’t remember instead of anything remotely like my name and the chaos caused when  I forget an account number can be impressive. I constantly get the wrong person’s post wherever I work. We needed a name that’s not too common popular but not too weird. 

Numbers, whilst cool R2D2, NC1701.. are banned in NZ  (it’s OK, little “4Real” got named “Superman” instead) so our little C3PO had to be renamed.

Much as it would amuse me immensely to have a “DeathStar Dalek Enterprise” The Wife would not be amused and poor DeathStar would probably put a hit out on me as soon as he found out what a hit was. Sci Fi names were placed firmly in the “Too Weird” pile …. dammit. Having said this some SciFi inspired names are fine like Elliot, Kirk, Luke or even Leia … at a push, none of these are particularly Welsh though.

Typically we had a girl’s name sorted. Seren. It means “Star” in Welsh but doesn’t have the hippie pot-smoking connotations. It sounds like it reads and isn’t too outlandish. We were happy with it, both really liked the name and it was all settled.  A boy’s name had so far eluded us. It was therefore inevitable that the scan would confirm that the bump was harbouring a boy.

So, Welsh Boys names, some are awesome like Cadwaladr, Llyr, Rhun, Dyfnwallon, Rhydderch and Matholwch. All well and good if you live in a family of Welsh speakers in Llandrindod. Not so good for small town New Zealand. Then we could try some Maaori names who also have some fantastically unpronounceable names for anglophones like Kerewhata, Makarika, Wikiriwhi; ironically all of which are corruptions of English names. Another problem with Maaori names is the fact that The Wife and I look about as Maaori as Prince Phillip.

Another option is to invent a name. Why not a Shaniquanza or a Qwerty? Um… because you are 10 times more likely to go to prison if you have an invented name. Mind you “Wendy” was invented by JM Barrie for Peter Pan (who called his Nannie his “Fwendy-Wendy”). There is a fantastic chapter in a book called  Freakonomics about how a name may affect a child, more than just Nominative Determinism, but economically and how it cam limit or increase opportunities. Whilst being quite clever it also is full of cheap laughs, such as the kid who’s name is pronounced Shu-TEED and spelt Shithead (If you are a true nerd and haven’t read it; STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and start reading it. It’s like ambrosia for nerdy brains.).

After much deliberation we have a name, it’s top secret for now, mainly because if we have another argument about it nobody will know we have changed our minds … again. There is still hope for you yet little Yoda-Falcon!



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3 responses to “Shall I call him Jedi, Yoda, Spock, Dalek or something weird?

  1. Thumbs up for the Freakonomics reference. ’tis a great read.

    I tried to drunkenly talk to an estate agent friend recently about its findings. He called me a loser.

  2. Might I make a suggestion? Try plundering Tolkien for boy’s names. His extrapolation of Welsh culture is well-documented, and the fact that you actually live in Middle Earth should give anything Tolkienesque a little extra credibility.

    • Funny you should say that, I had a double take when I heard elvish in the films, It has the same timbre as Welsh. As a Welsh speaker initially it’s quite unpleasant to listen to – like when you half hear a conversation but can’t quite make out the words. In fact there are phrases in the film that actually seem to accidentally contain Welsh words, I am certain Liv Tyler says “pen-ol” (rear end) at one point.

      Plundering Tolkien for names was a great idea though. It has helped enormously. Little Gollum-Bofur won’t stand out at all thanks to your advice!

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