Y I H8 Txt Spk. Drvs me Nts.

1stly Plz xcuz Rnt.

I M Sic ov hvng 2 contnd wid stupd txt spk @ wrk. I wrk as a Dr @ hsptl n I h8 reading txt spk in notes. The new Drs kp sndng me mssgs in BS TXT Spk and Tks Ags 2 d-cfr. Drvs Me Nts

ImageFor heaven’s sake you have spent 5 YEARS at university learning to be a professional and yet draw little circles over every i, use ‘l8r” in notes and last week I saw A ****ing SMILEY in some notes. AAAAAAaaagh!

If you can’t safely use bloody apostrophes how in holy hell are you safe to prescribe DRUGS?   Oh ….. and you cannot, CANNOT, pluralise everything just by adding a Z. REALLY you can’t. REALLY.

N shrt U R S2pid! I H8 U. N fact – 4Q! NE body I catch doing it in my notz n futr wll be flogged. Flogged tll dy R ded. K?

Rnt Ovr.


N.B. this blog entry took me longer than all the others I have written put together.


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