I know it’s only biology – but I like it!

The Boy is here! He arrived on the 4th weighing 8lb 4oz. He’s small, cute, cuddly and making his presence known. For someone who can’t yet control his facial muscles, let alone his hands he’s doing a very good job of controlling us! Already my days are pretty unrecognisable – hence the delay in posting.


As super proud parents do, we went for a newborn photoshoot at 10 days with a local photographer. In true nerd fashion we had seen her on facebook and it turned out she was in the next town to us. She really was superb and very slick. NZers in the Waikato should look her up!

His birth was an interesting process from many perspectives. I had to go from Doctor where I run situations to what amounted to Cheerleader, and it took some adjustment. I had to constantly remind myself I was The Wife’s husband and not her doctor. This was especially difficult as it was unfortunately quite a “medical birth” no waterbaths and whalesong here my friends! After various medications, an epidural and lots of pushing and some pulling he was out. Out and screaming.


Oxytocin – The “Hug Hormone”

The biologist side of me knows that I am designed to like my offspring. Oxytocin released by both of us when I hug my Little Man is there to help me bond with him and him to me. I am SUPPOSED to be smitten, to be instantly protective and adoring. I am an animal like all other mammals before me, I’m nothing special and these biological mind control tricks are as likely to work on me as they would on a dog or a badger.

I am so very happy though. It was magical, seeing my little man for the first time. Holding him and staring into his grey eyes as we studied each other for the first time will probably be one of the defining moments of my life. It is a bigger deal than any previous life event. the pride and happiness I felt at that moment was better than all my graduations, my wedding and pretty much anything else all combined, and yet ….. it’s nothing special, babies are born every minute of every day. I am not particularly clever or unusual in that my wife has had a baby. In the grand scheme of things – SO WHAT?

I know it’s only biology that makes me feel like this. Pure and simple. It’s only biology but it’s bloody awesome! I have never felt happier!



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9 responses to “I know it’s only biology – but I like it!

  1. Teacher2mum

    Awesome news! I have been waiting for this post – a wonderful, magic little piece of biology I bet.

    • Thanks! I am a sickeningly proud, if a bit frazzled, Dad.

      It’s 11:30 PM and he is finally asleep next to me on the sofa. I am debating wether to try and move him to the bedroom or stay here and continue playing on the net. I think I’ll go for the move. Wish me luck!

      • Teacher2mum

        I’d be sorely tempted to stay with him on the sofa, but its probably best you all get some sleep while you can! All the best.

      • I bow to your infinite wisdom. I tried to move him, against your sage advice, and …… he screamed. Litlle Monkey!

  2. Congratulations. Your life as you knew it is completely over. In a good way, though.

  3. Congrats my friend. Great post. I also learnt something too…this is always a much welcomed bonus.

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