Small Boy Fun

Following my recent post mentioning small boys liking ross things and bugs I had a fantastic small boy moment today thanks to The Wife. She noticed a Tree Weta just outside the front door – off I ran for the camera.

Wetas are great big gnarly bugs that live here in New Zealand. They are nocturnal and live in burrows in the ground or in trees (depending on species) emerging to hunt invertebrates at night. This specimen’s body was about 8 cm long and wonderfully gnarly!


Gnarly Great Big Tree Weta
(Gnarlius Buggus Maximus Awesomeus)

They aren’t particularly dangerous unless you are an invertebrate. Their jaws are pretty hefty and they can give you a nasty nip. This species of Weta is pretty puny by the way, the Giant Weta is even bigger (as the name might suggest). Incidentally Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop in Wellington is named after these fantastic beasties.

So why am I sharing this? What has it to do with being a Dad or bringing up a nerd? NOTHING. I just love big gnarly bugs and this one lives on my porch!! How awesome is that?



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6 responses to “Small Boy Fun

  1. Teacher2mum

    So I’m guessing you didn’t stomp on it or hit it with a fly swatter? Perhaps that was why your wife alerted you to it’s presence? If she told you about it just so that you could be fascinated by it she is a rare woman and one that respects this boyishness!

    • I alerted Nerd Dad as I knew he’d love it…now if it had been inside the house or a gnarly big spider it might have been a different story!

      • Teacher2mum

        Oh wow! What a surprise package you two are! I still say you are a rare one to alert him to it for these reasons but how lovely you respect this boyish thing! You are just going to adore that son of yours once he starts jumping in puddles, investigating snails and the like! It’s a very endearing ‘phase’.

  2. It looks a bit like a cross between a cricket and a cockroach, nice to look at outside but I’m not sure I’d like one inside!

  3. Very much an outside beastie. The indoor varieties are very short lived and seem to resemble a sticky mess quite soon after spousal discovery, unless I can rescue them with the old glass and card trick.

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