For God’s sake Dad! “Monkey Doodle”? REALLY?

Stupid baby cutesy talk used to make me hurl. Hearing Mums ask their mewling offspring “Has babywaby gottta soggy bumbum?” in the street use to have me reaching fot the nearest fire axe. “I will never talk to my children like that!” the young Nerd thought (just “Nerd” at the time and not Nerd Dad as children were merely hypothetical, in fact The Wife was not only hypothetical but improbable given hygiene and Games Worksop obsession issues).

Hmmmm. What a difference a sprog makes. The other day we realised that our baby babble had taken hold. Bigtime. There is something about chatting away and not expecting any response that seems to absolve you of having to make any sense. These nonsense phrases and babblings, much like the silly songs I previously mentioned, appear without warning. He has now started to respond, mainly in squeals and squeaks.

I started calling our little guy “Monkey Boy” partly because of his excess of hair but mainly because it mildy annoyed The Wife. The Wife took to calling him Little Dude; I suppose because …well… he’s little … and a dude? Little Dude became Dudlelet, then Doodle, Monkey Boy became Monkey ….. and “Monkey Doodle” was coined.


Unsurprisingly all cultures babble at their babies and your babble is dictated by your language and baby noises are dependant on the type and frequency of your babbling. Apparently we all start off the same an then babble becomes language specific so eventually Chinese learning babies babble is totally different to English learning babies. Babbling apparently also teaches babies how conversation works, the structure of speech and how to take turns.

So, as well as making all those around us puke with our cutesy baby talk we are unconsciously teaching them the sounds, structure and timbre of our language. In summary Baba baba boo boo who’ my wuvvwy wuvvwy wickle Monkey Doodle den?



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5 responses to “For God’s sake Dad! “Monkey Doodle”? REALLY?

  1. Valerie

    “…babble becomes language specific so eventually Chinese learning babies babble is totally different to English learning babies.” – That is a wild thought!

  2. Not going to lie – was never much for baby talk myself. But here’s what happened to me when my son was born: People’s names no longer applied.
    My husband, Jeff : Now, JBird.
    My dog, Callie : Now, Poopetra.
    My son, Jonah : Now, Monkey, Meatloaf, Homunculus, Shire-ling, JoGee
    And finally, our cat, Minion (and this is the best one because I’ve no idea where it came from or why) : Now, curiously … Precious Pete.

    Now. How any of this applies to your post – I don’t know. But I thought you might just enjoy this because it is unbelievably absurd.

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