Pregnancy Links

Midwife Thinking – an excellent blog  written by a really switched on Midwife. It has pictures and videos and a very broad range of well researched and referenced articles. A Great resource! – An American site, quite good evidence based summaries.

Baby Links

A good names site well written and especially good for celtic names.

Clever Nerdy Links

CERN – This is cool. Actually it’s super-cooled, one of the coolest places on the planet in places!

The British Museum One of my favourite places in the world, and they have a blog for Spoddy losers like me. OH YES!

British Thoracic Society, TSANZ  – My job, a nerd let loose on lungs.

Just Plain Nerdy Links – If you don’t know what this is …… don’t talk to me.

Doctor Who – the new one with no wobbly sets. Pretty good. Again if you have never heard of this you are a savage and/or American

Doctor Who – old school with wobbly sets and a rubber Davros

I am not alone

Dork Dad

Jedi Dad

& Squatch makes 3

Confessions of a Nerd’s wife

The Wife

Hand Made Mummy

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