This blog is about me being a nerdy Dad and brining a poor new little nerd into the world. My boy is doomed to be nerdy, nerdy Daddy, nerdy Mummy …. DOOMED! We might as well embrace it.

Having said this, nerds will rule the world. I intend my little boy to be one of them!

I am a doctor in my 30s, originally from the UK but living in New Zealand with The Wife, and our little boy was born in March 2013.

Rather than repeating it all here is my first post which pretty much sets out the stall for my blog.

Twitter @GrowANerd

E-Mail Grow.A.Nerd@Gmail.com

7 responses to “About

  1. I feel this mysterious kinship with you and your blog… I can’t explain it. It’s something… something… something I can’t put my finger on.


  2. Teacher2mum

    Congratulations on your very inspiring blog!
    You’ve just been nominated as a Very Inspiring Blogger. Please accept your award at:
    Great work – I am really looking forward to your next post….

  3. Ms. Roberts

    Thank you for the add or err, thanks for following. You might like this web series (if you haven’t watched it before).

    Its part of the Geek and Sundry channel about geek parenting!

  4. I can only hope my kids grow up to be nerds. Not social outcast nerds, mind you…but nerdy enough that they don’t get into too much trouble and get full rides to college. Good luck raising your little nerd!!

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